Licensed San Diego CA Private Investigator

Licensed San Diego CA Private Investigator

A personal address from Bruce Alan Timan.

Hello San Diego CA,
I’m Bruce Alan Timan, a San Diego native and founder of Bruce Alan Investigations. My career as a Licensed San Diego CA Private Investigator has taken me around the world, to such places as the southern United States, the Pacific Northwest, even Europe and Asia.

I’ve conducted investigations for over 30 years in several fields including:

    • Military InvestigationsLicensed San Diego CA Private Investigator
    • Private Investigations
    • Public Law Enforcement Investigations

I have tackled all sorts of cases, from commercial burglary to workers compensation fraud, and every one of these cases has taught me something valuable.  My detective career in San Diego, and throughout California has allowed for me to gain lifelong friendships- invaluable contacts in places that just can’t be reached by searching on the Internet. These local resources can be the difference when I’m hired to find somebody’s lost loved one, or track down somebody who has taken what belongs to its rightful owner.

If this is your first time in a divorce or child custody battle, you probably didn’t ever imagine your loved one would turn against you. I’m here to listen to you patiently, without criticizing you or judging you or your family. If, after we discuss your needs and it turns out that you need something besides the services of a private investigator, I will kindly refer you to the appropriate professional in strict confidentiality. Our conversations are strictly confidential, just as you would expect from a psychologist or attorney.

To me, being a Licensed San Diego CA Private Investigator is the most rewarding job on the planet; I do this because I am able to comfort the victimized, bring justice to the voiceless, and to help those individuals who, without the right resources, would otherwise feel powerless.
I would like to give you the benefit of my experience and training, while you give me the chance to help you recover that which you have lost.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Bruce Alan Timan

CA License #26714

California Association of Licensed Private Investigator

Better Business Bureau (San Diego)

Our office is located in Downtown San Diego
(walking directions from Mona Lisa)